Vital Pastors Program
Speicher Cohort

(group above, from right to left)

Belita Mitchell  - pastor, Harrisburg, PA First Church of the Brethren
Wally Landis  - pastor emeritus, Palmyra, PA Church of the Brethren
Tim Speicher  - pastor, Wyomissing, PA Church of the Brethren
Del Keeney  - pastor, Mechanicsburg, PA Church of the Brethren
Pete Haynes
 - pastor, Long Green Valley  Church of the Brethren
                       Glen Arm, MD

Our Critical Question:

How do we develop and sustain courage and passion
to minister to our communities within a culture of fear?

Our Report
November 11, 2013
Mary & Joseph Retreat Center

1. Opening video and music montage (images of fear)
                  “What does fear look like?”
                  “What are you afraid of?”
                  “What response does fear bring out of you?”
2. Introduction of Cohort and Critical Question
3. Listening to what the sciences say about fear
4. Listening to what the world says about fear
5. Listening to what our faith says about fear
6. A song from Nigeria (see below)
7. "Faces of Nigeria" a video running as we take a stretch/bathroom break
8. A song from Nigeria (see below)
9. Introduction of Immersion Retreat
10. Nigeria Trip video and sound track – a 25 min. .ppt montage of pics and clips
              We do not wish to put our friends in Nigeria at risk by posting videos of our discussions here.
              Westerners need to be aware that things we say and share publicly do have an impact elsewhere.
11. Interacting with the Jim Joshua story
                    after introduction, listen to his testimony
                                 (mp3 audio file and transcribed .pdf file)
                    divide into 5 small groups to discuss 
12. Personal Reflections (we aren't posting these)


         Leadership and the Culture Of Fear

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         Spiritual Disciple

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Songs along our Journey


 "Nasa cana nan"
   "You and I"                  - both in .pdf file

a favorite of Belita:

"His eye is on the sparrow" (concluded her personal reflection)

by plh:

 "It'll be all right" (concluded his personal reflection)

Faces of Nigeria


 Elephants we encountered at Yankari National Park

a children's story from our trip - Traveling with children (mp3)
a page of Nigerian Resources (some found on this page)