Rockhay Songs
                            (a growing online collection of some of my songs)
            Song Title:             Description: words/
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"Awake, O Sleeper" - my first published song, scripture based   x   x
"Behold I make all things new" - a worship riff on Rev. 21:5 & other scriptures     x x
"Behold what God has made" - based on Genesis 1 and Psalm 19        
"Carol of the Manor" - written for my children's elementary school     x x
"Children of Abraham" - new words to "We Three Kings of Orient Are" (no chords) x      
"The Christ Hymn" - my tune for an early Christian song   x   x
"Come down, come in" - a responsive worship song     x x
"Come follow me" - written to fit with camp curriculum     x x
"Come to the table" - communion/Love Feast, written to fit with camp curriculum   x   x
"Count all the rings" - 25th anniversary song for Shepherd's Spring OMC     x x
"Count on me" - written to go with summer camp curriculum     x x
"Day by day" - my simple take on Richard of Chichester's words     x x
"Dear Helper" - on ministry from the receiving end (not always a pretty sight)     x x
"Disarm yourself" - peacemaking 101: first steps     x x
"The earth is the Lord's" - putting the beginning of Psalm 24 into song x   x x
"The fool of the hour" - being a fool for Christ's sake     x x
"God's calling" - written to fit with camp curriculum     x x
"Hear the Call" - written to fit with camp curriculum     x x
"His body revealed" - for communion/Love Feast     x x
"I am a Servant" - written to fit with a sermon series on Servanthood     x x
"I am with you always" - the promise of presence     x x
"Isaiah 55" - my ordination song x   x x
"It'll be all right" - on dealing with fear     x x
"Joy in the Lord" - discovering joy in hard times     x x
"Kingdom Dance" - a song written for a youth group many moons ago   x   x
"Let every knee bow" - a medley of my own "Servants Feast" with two songs by others x x
"Like Naaman" - connecting with a Biblical character     x x
"Listen" - prayer as listening before speaking     x x
"Loneliness is like rain" - on dealing with depression x   x x
"Look" - community with eyes wide open     x x
"The Lord is coming" - an Advent song     x x
"Love to Share" - on growing a family, written for my second born     x x
"The Messiah has loved us" - scripture in song     x x
"Only Love" - on Agape     x x
"Planting seeds of peace" - written for a long-time co-worker, a peacemaker   x   x
"Pressing On" - on perseverance, scripture based   x   x
"Psalm 120" - singing through our anger with scripture     x x
"Psalm 126" - putting a psalm into song   
"Running away" - about facing into our fears, written for a seminary mentor   x   x
"Servants Feast - a song for those who bend to serve God and others     
"Shema" - "Hear, O Israel," written to fit with Sunday School curriculum     x x
"The Shepherd's Spring" - theme song for our district Outdoor Ministry Center     x x
"The Song of the Bow" - David's lament at the death of Jonathan/Saul, to an old hymn tune   x   x
"This is the body" - a Love Feast song     x x
"To the saints" - a scripture greeting in song       x
"We gather here" - theme song for 2018 COB Mid-Atlantic District Conference    
"When we see the Son" - putting scripture to song       x
"Wilderness Travelers" - written for the beginning of a new experience     x x

2019, Peter L. Haynes

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