The Bible 101

Message preached on January 21, 2018
Long Green Valley Church of the Brethren
Glen Arm, Maryland USA

based upon Hebrews 4:12

preacher - Gary Miller
member of this congregation

Order of Worship

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             Toward the end of his sermon, Gary had projected on the screen the seven-minute video, "For such a time as this," by Paul Grout - a fast-paced journey through the Bible created for the 2002 National Youth Conference of our denomination. You can watch it here. Just pause the audio recording of Gary's message at the point and begin this video. When done, go back to Gary's concluding remarks.

             For many years, Paul Grout was director of A Place Apart in Vermont. He has also been a Church of the Brethren pastor, moderator of our denomination's Annual Conference, National Youth Conference speaker - an artist, a preacher, a prophet, a guide.


2018  Peter L. Haynes
(you are welcome to borrow and, where / as appropriate, note the source - myself or those from whom I have knowingly borrowed.)

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