Global Hymns in the new Hymnal

Hymnal: A Worship Book (prepared by churches in the Believer's Church tradition)
1992, Brethren Press, Faith and Life Press, Mennonite Publishing House

Non-English/German background  
(either from this background directly or adapted 
with wording in these languages alongside the English)

    7 "Here, 0 Lord, your servants gather" Japanese
  10 "Jesus, we want to meet" Nigerian
  15 "O Prince of peace" Javanese
  52 "Praise the Lord" Japanese
  55 "Cantemos al Senor" Spanish
  58 "This is the day" French
  62 "Who is so great a God? Russian
  64 "Asithi: Amen" South African
  76 "Je louerai 1'Eternel" French
  88 "Still, I search for my God" Philipino
119 "Praise God from whom" (texts in:) Spanish, Korean, Chinese,
144 "Kyrie eleison" Greek/Russian
160 "God created heaven and earth" Taiwanese
190 '' 'Twas in the moon of wintertime"  French
202 "The virgin Mary had a baby boy" West Indian
206 "Infant holy, infant lowly" Polish
207 "Nino lindo" Venezuelan
229                      "Tu has venido a la orilla? Spanish
230 "Blessed are the persecuted" Zambian
246 "Why has God forsaken me?" (tune) Japanese
260 "When I survey... "    (tune) African
267 "Christ has arisen"     Tanzanian
268 "See the splendor of the morning" Philipino
293 "God send us the Spirit" Gonja
316    "In this world abound scrolls" Japanese
330  "I believe in God" Japanese ?
351   "Our Father who art in heaven" Nigerian
354 "Fount of love, our Savior God" Chinese
392 "Heart and mind, possessions, Lord" Indian
397 "God loves all his many people" Zaire
399 "Now go forward" Chinese
400 "Santo, santo, santo" Nicaraguan
434 "Thuma mina" South African
435 "May the Lord, mighty God" Chinese ?
460 "Una espiga" Spanish
461 "In the quiet consecration" (tune) Russian
468 "O Bread of life, for sinners broken" Chinese ?
472 "I am the bread of life" (also in:) Spanish
513  "To go to heaven" Tanzanian
531 "Ah, what shame I have to bear" Japanese
537 "En media de la vida" Uruguay
550 "Living and dying with Jesus" Croatian
551 "In the stillness of the evening" Norwegian
574 "What a friend we have in Jesus"
     (texts also in:)
Hausa, Spanish Korean, Cree
583 "Ndikhokele, 0 Jehova" South African
585 "In your sickness" Ghanian
605 "I love thee, Lord" Spanish
616 "Children of the heavenly Father" Swedish
647 "Por la manana" Spanish


Native American

    9 "Jesus A, Nahetotaetanome" (Plains Indian)
  35 "Many and great, 0 God" (Plains Indian)
  78 "Ehane he 'ama" (Plains Indian)
574 "What a friend we have in Jesus"

(text also
in Cree)



164 "When Israel was in Egypt's land"
249 "Calvary"
257 "Were you there?
266 "They crucified my Savior"
401 "This little light of mine"
412  "We shall walk through the valley"
439 "I want Jesus to walk with me"
444 "Lord, I want to be a Christian"
446  "Wade in the water"
453 "Let us break bread together on..."
532 "I am leaning on the Lord"
546 "Guide my feet"
575 "Precious Lord, take my hand"
579 "Lift every voice and sing"
611 "Soon and very soon"
612 "Steal away"
627 "There is a balm in Gilead"


Taize (France) in Latin

101 "Alleluia"
103  "Jubilate Deo omnis terra"
113 "O Christe Domine Jesu"
204 "Gloria"
294 "Dona nobis pacem Domine"
298 "Veni Sancte Spiritus"
349 "O Lord, hear my prayer"
452 "Ubi caritas et amor"
471 "Eat this bread"
554 "Our Father, who art in heaven"
562 "Nada te turbe"     (Spanish)