Babylon streams received our tears

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Babylon streams received our tears: 
Zion, the holy city, gone. 
Exiles, we cried beneath the trees. 
Harps hung in silence many years. 

Our captors laughed, "Perform your praise! 
Merrily dance, Jerusalem!" 
How could we chant the Lord God's songs 
while we were crushed by heathens' ways? 

So help us, God, you may destroy 
our working hands if we deny; 
strike our mouths mute if we neglect 
to make your city our chief joy. 

Remember, Lord, the awful day 
violent Edom cursed your folk, 
"Babylon, break Jerusalem! 
Raze to the ground, strip her away!" 

God give you evil for reward. 
Blessed be the one who brings your fall.
Babylon great - your seed be smashed! 
Vengeance shall come from God our Lord.

#134 in Hymnal: A Worship Book

Words:  based on Psalm 137, Calvin Seerveld, 1982, Pslater Hymnal, 1987
                   Text 1982 Calvin Seerveld
   Tune:  Griffeth H. Jones, Gemau Mawl, 1890

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