Holy Spirit, Storm of love

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Holy Spirit, Storm of love, 
break our self-protecting walls. 
Bring us out and show us why, 
nakedly upon the cross, 
open to the wind and sky, 
Jesus waits and Jesus calls. 

Show us, in his tortured flesh, 
earth's creator on display, 
broken by affairs of state, 
drinking horror, pain and grief, 
arching in the winds of hate,
giving love and life away. 

Show us how this dying love 
entered, bore, and understood 
all our deep, unconscious drives, 
each exploiting, evil thread 
woven through our nations' lives, 
all our life apart from God. 

Thus convicted, claimed, and called - 
freed as Christ, we freely choose,
washed in love, reborn, renamed, 
doing justice, knowing God, 
may we witness unashamed, 
confident to give good news; 

news that Jesus is alive, 
as his people of the dove, 
going out in praise and prayer, 
meet the evils of our time 
and the demons of despair 
with forgiving, living love.

#132 in Hymnal: A Worship Book

Words:  Brian Wren, 1985, Praising a Mystery, 1986
                    Text 1986 Hope Publishing Co.
   Tune:  Bradley P. Lehman, 1991
                    Music 1991 Bradley P. Lehman

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