Brothers and sisters of mine

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Brothers and sisters of mine are the hungry, 
who sigh in their sorrow and weep in their pain. 
Sisters and brothers of mine are the homeless,
who wait without shelter from wind and from rain. 

Strangers and neighbors, they claim my attention. 
They sleep by my doorstep, they sit by my bed. 
Neighbors and strangers, their anguish concerns me,
and I must not feast till the hungry are fed. 

People are they, men and women and children, 
and each has a heart keeping time with my own. 
People are they, persons made in God's image, 
so what shall I offer them, bread or a stone? 

Lord of all living, we make our confession: 
Too long we have wasted the wealth of our lands. 
Lord of all loving, renew our compassion, 
and open our hearts while we reach out our hands.

#142 in Hymnal: A Worship Book

Words:  Kenneth I. Morse, The Brethren Songbook, 1974
   Tune:  Wilbur E. Brumbaugh, The Brethren Songbook, 1974
                   Text and music 1974 Church of the Brethren General Board

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