O God of mystery and might

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O God of mystery and might, 
great Mover of the stars in flight, 
alert our hearts to apprehend 
the silent witnesses you send. 

Lord, set our ears to listening 
for reasons in each season's spring, 
and teach our minds to meditate 
longer on love, while passions wait. 

O God of tenderness and trust, 
whose ways are merciful and just, 
lest we be overcome with gain 
bind us into each other's pain. 

From pride and pretense set us free 
to walk in truth's integrity. 
O grant us grace to reach, to give, 
to touch the dream by which we live.

#130 in Hymnal: A Worship Book

Words:  Kenneth I. Morse, 1970, Messenger, 1971
   Tune:  Wilbur E. Brumbaugh, 1970, Messenger, 1971, alt.
                      Text and music 1970 Church of the Brethren General Board

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