Long Green Valley Church of the Brethren
Alleluia Choir
"On the Road"

        On Sunday, June 3, 2001, twenty-six members of our Alleluia Choir went to the Brethren Home Community in New Oxford, PA to celebrate children's day there. (We provided the children!) The group sang ten songs during the morning worship service.
        One resident commented that during that week she had had surgery to remove skin cancer from her face and didn't think she should attend worship that Sunday. She was prepared to watch the service on TV. When she heard that children were coming, however, she changed her mind and decided to attend.
        Another couple celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary was so very happy to have the special music to make their day even more special. Afterwards the children enjoyed relating to the residents.
        Pastor John Layman, a former moderator at Long Green, talked to the children about the hand carved cross displayed in the entrance to the Nicarry Meetinghouse. It is crafted from beautiful Brazillian cherry wood and based on the Church of the Brethren logo.
       After eating lunch in the dining room, the group stopped at the cottage of Betty Southard to sing for her before coming home.

pictures and text by Marian Bollinger
please do not use for other purposes


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