Easter Sunrise Service
April 23, 2000
Long Green Valley Church of the Brethren
Glen Arm, MD

(led by the Junior Youth Group)



Hymn: Christ the Lord is Risen Today (280)

Scripture: Mark 10:32-34

Drama: The Case of the Missing Dead Guy
        (view this drama online)
                 Summary: Two private detectives investigate the mystery surrounding the
                   disappearance of a dead body. Some guy named Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth.
                                        (Bom Ba Dum Bom)

                                Monday - Eric Shenk

                                Cleopas - Tyler Haynes
                                Thomas - Daniel Wheatley
                                Guard 1 - Gina Miller
                                Guardís voice - Heather Smith
                                High Priest - Heather Smith
                                Bartender - Darren Gonzalez
                                Mary - Lacie Hildebrand
                                Priest - Emily Tipton
                                Pilate - Nicole Smyth
                                Soldier 1- Caitlin Haynes
                                Soldier 2 - Katelyn Hildebrand
                                Centurion - Sharon Kagarise
                                Jesus - Pete Haynes

                Scene 1: The P.I.ís office
                                2: The Scene of the Crime
                                3: A Jerusalem Tavern
                                4: Maryís House
                                5: Temple
                                6: The Governorís House
                                7: Outside the Governorís House
                                8: Mondayís thoughts
                                9: The Road to Emmaus
                              10: A Restaurant in Emmaus
                              11: Thomasí House

Scripture: Luke 24:44-53

Hymn: Low in the Grave He Lay (273)


Thanks for coming and celebrating Christís resurrection with the Junior Youth. Everyone is invited to the fellowship hall to enjoy an Easter celebration breakfast. During the meal, an offering will be taken. The proceeds beyond expenses will go toward feeding a work-camp crew we are sponsoring this summer.