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not all of these have current material, some are just the most recent sermon(s)

Amwell, Sergeantsville, NJ - Atlantic Northeast District  (audio)

Brownsville, MD - Mid-Atlantic District  (sermons, outside frames)

Bunkertown, PA - Southern PA district

Cerro Gordo, IL, - Illinois / Wisconsin District

Community of Joy, Salisbury, MD - Mid-Atlantic District  (sermons audio, outside frames)

Conestoga, Leola, PA - Atlantic Northeast District

Eastwood, Akron, OH - Northern Ohio District

Elizabethtown, PA - Atlantic Northeast District

Elkhart City, IN - Northern Indiana District

Fairview,  Unionville, IA - Northern Plains District

Frederick, MD - Mid-Atlantic District

Fruitdale, Grants Pass, OR - Oregon / Washington District

Good Shepherd, Tipp City, OH - Southern Ohio District

Goshen City, IN - Northern Indiana District

Green Tree, Oaks, PA - Atlantic Northeast District   (not recent)

Harrisonburg, VA - Shenandoah District (not active when last checked)

Highland Avenue, Elgin, IL - Illinois / Wisconsin District

Long Green Valley, Glen Arm, MD - Mid-Atlantic District

Middlebury, IN - Northern Indiana District

Northern Indiana District Executive (various churches)

Oakland, OH (video) - Southern Ohio District

Spring Creek, Hershey, PA - Atlantic Northeast District

Union, Plymouth, IN - Northern Indiana District

Westminster, MD - Mid-Atlantic District   (not recent)

West Richmond, VA - Virlina District   (not recent)

West Shore, Enola, PA - Southern PA District

York First, PA - Southern PA District

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