James 5:7-11

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In Greek - (NA26/27: UBS3)

  {7}  makroqumhsate  oun  adelfoi  ewV  thV  parousiaV  tou  kuriou
                  Be longsuffering      therefore,   brothers,       until     the           presence         of the      Lord

                idou  o  gewrgoV  ekdecetai  ton  timion  karpon  thV  ghV
                     Behold, the      farmer              awaits             the     precious         fruit        of the   earth,

                            makroqumwn  ep  autw  ewV   labh  proimon  kai  oyimon
                                       being longsuffering  over        it         until  he receives       early          and      latter rain.

  {8}  makroqumhsate  kai  umeiV
                Be longsuffering            also       you,

                sthrixate  taV  kardiaV  umwn
                             establish         the           hearts        of you,

                            oti   h  parousia  tou  kuriou  hggiken
                                   because the         presence       of the      Lord     has drawn near.

  {9}  mh  stenazete  adelfoi  kat  allhlwn
          not       murmur you,         brothers,    against   one another

                ina mh   kriqhte
                            lest       you be judged;

                            idou  o  krithV  pro  twn  qurwn  esthken
                                     behold,  the     judge       before    the         doors          stands.

{10}  upodeigma  labete  adelfoi
              an example         take you,        brothers

                thV  kakopaqeiaV  kai  thV  makroqumiaV  touV  profhtaV
                        -            of suffering ill         and       -          of longsuffering          the          prophets,

                            oi  elalhsan  en  tw  onomati   kuriou
                                    who            spoke           in     the         name       of [the] Lord.

{11}  idou  makarizomen  touV  upomeinantaV
          Behold      we count blessed         the          [ones] enduring;

                thn  upomonhn   iwb   hkousate
                        the        endurance      [of] Job     you heard [of],

                            kai  to  teloV   kuriou  eidete
                                      and     the     end of     [the] Lord     you saw,

                                        oti  polusplagcnoV  estin  o  kurioV  kai  oiktirmwn
                                                      that       very compassionate             is       the     Lord         and          merciful.

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in English - New Revised Standard Version

  {7}  Be patient, therefore, beloved, until the coming of the Lord.
            The farmer waits for the precious crop from the earth,
                    being patient with it until it receives the early and the late rains.
  {8}  You also must be patient.
            Strengthen your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is near.
  {9}  Beloved, do not grumble against one another,
            so that you may not be judged.
                    See, the Judge is standing at the doors!
{10}  As an example of suffering and patience, beloved,
            take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord.
{11}  Indeed we call blessed those who showed endurance.
            You have heard of the endurance of Job,
                    and you have seen the purpose of the Lord,
                            how the Lord is compassionate and merciful.

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en español - Nuevo Versión Internacional

  {7}  Por tanto, hermanos, tengan paciencia hasta la  venida  del  Señor.
            Therefore,       brothers,        have       patience     until   the  coming   of the   Lord.

                Miren cómo espera el agricultor  a que      la tierra dé su precioso fruto
                     Look at     how      waits    the      farmer   according to the earth       her     precious      fruit

                            y  con qué paciencia aguarda las temporadas de lluvia.
                                    and with             patience        waits      the        seasonal           showers.

  {8}  Así también ustedes,  manténganse  firmes y aguarden con paciencia
           Like     also         you all,  maintain yourselves   firm  and     wait         with     patience

                la  venida  del  Señor, que  ya  se acerca.
                     the  coming   of the   Lord      that   now  is     near.

  {9}  No se  quejen unos de otros, hermanos, para que no sean juzgados.
           Do not  complain   one    to    others,     brothers,           that      not     be       judged.

                ¡El  juez  ya está  a   la  puerta!
                      The  judge now   is      at  the     door!

{10}  Hermanos, tomen como  ejemplo  de  sufrimiento  y  de paciencia a los profetas
               Brothers,          Let this be     an example  the        suffering    and the     patience   of  the   prophets

                que hablaron en el nombre  del  Señor.
                      who      spoke      in  the    name     of the   Lord.

{11}  En verdad, consideramos dichosos a los  que   perseveraron.
           In      truth,         we consider          blessed      those    who    have perservered.

                Ustedes han oído  hablar de la perseverancia de Job,
                        You all    have heard      talk      of the     perserverance    of    Job,

                            y  han visto  lo que  al   final le dio el  Señor.
                                  and  have  seen      what    at the   end   gave   the    Lord..

                                        Es que  el  Señor es muy   compasivo   y  misericordioso.
                                                      It is that  the     Lord     is   very    compassionate and        merciful.

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