If you but trust in God

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If you but trust in God to guide you 
and place your confidence in him,
you'll find him always there beside you, 
to give you hope and strength within, 
for those who trust God's changeless love 
build on the rock that will not move. 

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In patient trust await his leisure, 
in cheerful hope, with heart content,
to take whatever your Father's pleasure 
and all-discerning love have sent.
Doubt not your inmost wants are known 
to him who chose you for his own.

Sing, pray, and keep his ways unswerving. 
Offer your service faithfully, 
and trust his word. Though undeserving, 
you'll find his promise true to be. 
God never will forsake in need 
the soul that trusts in him indeed.

#576 in Hymnal: A Worship Book

Words:  Georg Neumark, Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten
                                                     Forgepflanzter musikalischpoetischer Lustwald
, 1657
                tr. Catherine Winkworth (Sts. 1,3,4), Chorale Book for England, alt.,
                        Jaroslav Vajda (St. 2), Lutheran Book of Worship, 1978
                                Translation (st. 2) ©1978 Lutheran Book of Worship
   Tune:  Georg Neumark, Forgepflanzter musikalischpoetischer Lustwald, 1657

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