The work is thine, O Christ

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The work is thine, O Christ our Lord, 
the cause for which we stand, 
and being thine, 'twill overcome 
its foes on every hand. 
Yet grains of wheat, before they grow, 
are buried in the earth below. 
All that is old doth perish there 
to form a life both new and fair. 
So too are we from self and sin made free. 

Through suffering thou, O Christ, didst go 
unto thy throne above, 
and leadest now the self-same way 
those true in faith and love. 
So lead us, then, though sufferings wait, 
to share thy kingdom's heavenly state. 
Thy death has broken Satan's might, 
and leads the faithful to the light, 
eternal light, from darkness into light. 

Thou hast, O Savior, led the way 
through agony and death. 
O give, we pray, yet more and more 
thy Spirit's living breath! 
Send messengers over land and sea 
to bring thy children all to thee. 
Thy name can save, thy name makes free! 
We consecrate ourselves to thee 
as servants true, as workers brave and true.

#396 in Hymnal: A Worship Book

Words:  Samuel Preiswerk (Sts. 1,2), Felician von Zaremba (St. 3), Die Sach' ist dein;
                                   tr. Julius H. Horstmann, Christian Hymns, 1908
   Tune:  J. Michael Haydn, 18th c., Hier liegt vor deiner Majestšt

listen to an orchestral version of "Die Sach' ist Dein, Herr Jesus Christ," arranged by Bodo Saborowski.

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