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2018    Curriculum
Day 1 - 7   all the scriptures
Day 1:   What if... We Belong to God? Psalm 139
Day 2:   What if... God is Bigger? Luke 1:35-55
Day 3:   What if... Hope is Real? Mark 2:1-5
Day 4:   What if... There is More than Enough? John 6:1-14
Day 5:   What if... We Speak Up? Mark 7:24-30
Day 6:   What if... We Change the World? Matthew 5:13-16
Day 7:   What if... We Go Beyond? Luke 10:1-9
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             As co-director of many a week of camp down through the years, I saw one of my responsibilities as encouraging my counselors to more fully engage with the scriptures behind every day. To be honest, it’s so easy to focus first on all the activities suggested to go along with the Bible texts. Those, after all, are what will “grab” the campers’ attention. But don’t the words and stories of God and Jesus first need to “grab” us?            Toward that end, I sometimes pulled together the scriptures into a booklet to share ahead of the week. “Just read through them several times on your own,” was my suggestion. “Sit with them a spell. What is God saying to you through them. Get to know these texts, or be known by them.” It is important to be grabbed by the scriptures ourselves before we try to pass them along. Otherwise, we have all these wonderful activities to help bring the Word alive, but haven’t really come alive to it ourselves. I have a hunch that campers know when this happens.
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Songs   Though inspiration did not strike to write a song to go along with the 2018 theme, over 40 of my compositions are online. Several are connected to camp work.
Dramas   I have also written numerous dramas and skits, many of which were for camp.   All my resources

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