written for the 2002 graduating class of
Carroll Manor Elementary School

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             This song came into being at the behest of Christy Harnett, who planned a special activity for the class of 2002. Because of the tragic events of Sept. 11 all field trips were cancelled for that school year in the county. Thus this class missed out on the annual trip to Philadelphia, enjoyed by fifth graders. Christy went to work planning a day of fun at the school, which culminated in a madigal dinner in the gym. The tables were laid out so that all could sit looking at each other. The principal and vice principal sat the the head, as Lord and Lady of the Manor. A variety of entertainment was planned. I was to be the troubador, Christy instructed. "You will write a song for it," she said. And I did. The above is what I came up with, a song which I also sang at their "graduation." It was fun. The kids are below. They have since grow up and are living out their renown. Enjoy!

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