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Part 2 can be done in a variety of ways:
         - everyone sings all lines quickly, one after another
         - each line can be sung by a different group
         - males can sing the first part of each line, females the other half
                  (or vice versa) in a call and response pattern
         - small groups can come up with their own lines
                  each having a two 7 syllable units with the 7th beats rhyming

This song was written for, but is not determined by,
         the 2005 Outdoor Ministries Resources curriculum developed by
                  the Committee on Outdoor Ministries of
                           the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA.
             for use at Shepherd's Spring Outdoor Ministries Center.

The merengue style was inspired by
              a visit with a sister church in the Dominican Republic.
                     (As an "Anglo," rhythm-challenged, older white guy,
                              this is about as close as I get to this style)
        Click here for an online Merengue Drum Rhythm Lesson,
             or here to read of the History of Merengue.

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