Loneliness is like Rain

 Am7                          Dm7
Loneliness is like rain - it pours on empty streets,

         Am7                           Dm7
Through gutters in the mind, it takes down everyone it meets.

 Am7                   Dm7
Some find release in an effort to escape their minds.

But they never see the end.

                         Dm7                                              Am7
            When they come back, it's loneliness they find.

       Em7                      Em  Am7
      Sometimes I just don't understand

       Em7                                Em  Am7
      A God who won't make this loneliness end.

      Am7                     Dm7
In a life full of rain, we so often forget the sun's sweet kiss.

     Am7                        Dm7
The clouds mask the fears, for loneliness breeds loneliness.

      Am7                        Dm7
It's just a state of mind, be it empty streets or empty lives.

To fix that street or change that life,

                 Dm7                                                Am7
            you have to cross over to the other side.

          Em7                              Em   Am7
      How often I've come to cross that vacant road,

          Em7                             Em   Am7
      to find a God who tries to make himself known.

              Em7                                      Em  Am7
      There's one thing I know I've found with some certainty:

          Em7                                    Em  Am7
      Wherever we go there's no streets that are emp-ty.

          Em7                                    Em   Am7
      We blind ourselves not knowing how much we can share.

          Em7                                         Em   Am7
      But open our eyes and we find there's no loneliness there. 

 Am7                          Dm7
Loneliness is like rain - it pours on empty streets.

 Am7                          Dm7
Happy is the one who knows there are no empty streets.


1978, Pete Haynes

permission given for non-profit use
(I'd appreciate hearing about it)

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