based upon Deuteronomy 6:4-9 (for more on the Shema, read here)

Part B echoes Part A (note: the last "She-ma" is 3 beats later than the previous echos)
singers divided into 2 groups for this 2-part chorus, then united for the verses.


She-ma       - ("e" is silent, like "Shh-ma")
Yis-ra-el      - (Yis-rye-el)
A-do-nai     - (Ah-doe-nye)
El-o-hay-nu - (El-ooh-hay-new)
A-do-nai     - (Ah-doe-nye)
E-chad         - (Eh-had" - "ch" is gutteral, a hard "h" from the throat)

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dedicated to the memory of Gayle Lane
       who embodied this scripture
  January 30, 1969 - August 25, 2006

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