(repeats over and over - a song to hum while hiking)

Words & Tune:  written by campers at Shepherd's Spring, under direction of Pete Haynes
                                                                         based on the poem below by Judy Clister
                             ©1992, Shepherd's Spring Outdoor Ministry Center


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The Shepherd of the Spring

Laughter ripples through the hills
Bounces round the glen,
For the Shepherd of the Spring
Has brought us here again.

He has brought us to His spring
To fellowship with Him -
To teach of hope and love and peace
To strengthen us again.

Days are spent in wonder
At the Shepherd’s handiwork.
The nights are filled with splendor
His lanterns over all.

Silence fills the valley now,
Flows in reverence to our God.
A peace to settle over us
Flows from the Shepherd’s hand.

A spirit leaves this place with us
A will to do His will.
The Shepherd travels with us
The Shepherd of the Spring.

Judy Clister, 1991

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