The Gift - Seeing and Encouraging

Day Five - evening drama

                Characters:     1 - George - a boy camper
                                      2 - Chara (pronounced "care-ah") - a girl camper
                                      3 - Chris - can be either boy or girl

Junior Camp Theme/Goals for Day

Scriptures for Day

                Setting: An "all group" talent show is about to begin and 1, 2, & 3 are sitting next to each other. In actuality, this is also the fifth all-camp evening gathering of the "real" week of camp, of which this is the first "thing." This drama comes in two parts, a before the talent show segment, and an after portion, which leads into a brief devotion/vespers. Scene 2 may be right after, or at a later time and/or location, depending upon the needs of the moment. As with previous dramas, a gift-wrapped box is hanging from a rafter or a tree.
                Preface with reading of 1 Corinthians 12:12-13 (both to set the theme and to quiet the group)

Scene 1

3 - This is my favorite part of camp.

2 - The talent show? Why?

3 - Everybody gets to show off something they can do.

1 - Are you doing something?

3 - Well, no. But I could if I wanted.

2 - How come youíre not sharing a talent or something?

1 - Donít tell me youíre shy all of a sudden.

3 - No, I just donít have a talent worth sharing.

2 - What do you mean, you donít have a talent? Iíve seen you around this week doing plenty of stuff.

1 - Yeah, you can tell a joke better than anybody I know.

2 - Why donít you stand up and tell some jokes.

3 - Ah, they donít want to hear that.

2 - "They" donít want to hear you? Excuse me, "they" are "us," George and me.

1 - Chara and me want you to tell some jokes.

3 - You think?... Well, maybe I could... Itís probably too late to sign up, though.

1 - It canít hurt to try, can it?

3 - I suppose not.

2 - Go for it!

3 - Weíll see... Hey, are you two doing something in it?

1 - No, what have we got to share?

2 - Yeah, nobody would want me up there.

3 - Wait a minute! Who was just talking about going for it? Both of you are more talented than I am. George, you read from the Bible just great last night, as good as Chara did.

1 - Thanks.

2 - Yes, you did okay.

1 - Just okay?

2 - As you said, "Isnít it okay to be okay?"

1 - I guess.

3 - "Okay?" You guys are great! Chara, didnít you say you had a gift for singing?

2 - Thatís in church singing with everyone else. Not by myself.

3 - You ought to consider it.

2 - Maybe next year.

1 - Yeah, maybe next year.

3 - Iíll remember what you just said, and hold you to it... Next year.

2 - Next year... maybe.

1 - Next year... For now, Chris, see if you canít get into the program.

3 - Iíll try. There are a few good jokes Iíve been waiting to tell.

2 - All right! (If Chris is female, you might add:) You go girl!

1 - Shhh! I think theyíre ready to start.

            [The actual talent show now begins. Have the "Chris" character stand up during it and tell a few good jokes - in character, of course. At some point after the show is over, launch into the next part, below.]

Scene 2

2 - Hey, that was pretty good. The whole show!

1 - It sure was! And, Chris, you did a great job!

2 - Yeah, and you said you didnít have a talent.

1 - How dare you not share your jokes!

2 - You have a real gift for making people laugh.

3 - Thanks, guys... My favorite part of the show was _________

               [Insert ad lib dialog (1,2, & 3 each contributing) giving a few highlights of acts you "liked." Choose a few that seemed to be popular, but also some which werenít. We run the risk of leaving someone out, but the idea isnít so much to lift up the supposed "best" (according to whom?), but to recall the variety. There are, as the theme for the week states, "many gifts" among "Godís people." Donít go into much detail. Let the kids internally fill in their own remembering as you speak. Just "touch" each act/gift you recall, using about 6 to 9 (or so) lines for all. Be creative. When done, reenter the drama below.]

1 - I wonder how many of them knew what they were going to do before they came to camp, and how many decided to share their talent once they got here.

3 - I donít know. The talent show is part of every year, so those of us who come back know what to expect.

2 - Didnít I read about it somewhere, though, before I came?

1 - I remember reading something about it, too.

3 - I got a letter from my counselor, maybe it was there. I donít recall.

2 - Yeah. I think youíre right. But that letter wasnít what got you to share your talent.

1 - We were. If we hadnít prodded you, you wouldnít have done it.

3 - Well, I didnít think I was very good at telling jokes.

2 - Duh! The gift is rather obvious.

3 - Not to me.

1 - I wonder if we donít need someone else to see our gifts in us.

3 - And to encourage us to use them. Sometimes itís scary to step out like that.

2 - You scared? Thatís a joke!

3 - No, really. You guys saw in me something I didnít see. And though Iím not shy like you, it still wasnít easy. When I stood up to speak, my heart was pounding. I almost forgot the punch line to one of the jokes.

2 - Thatís just like how I felt when I read from the Bible in front of everyone.

1 - Me, too!

3 - But you did it!

2 - Yeah, we all did!

1 - I wonder what else we can do?

3 - Let me know what you see.

2 - Really!

1 - Shhh! I think theyíre starting.

                At this point the leader begins, and the line between drama and reality blurs. This becomes the follow-up devotional time on day five. As the Talent Show can get lengthy, itís wise to keep this thoughtful- prayerful time short. You might read Luke 12:4-13 again, and note how each and every person there has something special to offer, a gift from God to be used for others. Do we see this gift in ourselves, or do we need others to see it in us, so that we can then see it? Definitely, we need others to encourage us not to sit on our special ability, but to encourage us to share it. Again, though, keep it simple and brief, focused upon their age level. Add prayer and song. Worship!

            ©2000, Pete Haynes for Shepherdís Spring OMC and Camp Mardela, Mid-Atlantic District Church of the Brethren (Outdoor Ministries), to be used with "Godís People - Many Gifts" rev. ed., ©1999, Geneva Press), part of the Sow Seeds ... Trust the Promise series. Permission granted to adapt and reword to fit the needs of your camp. Just list the original source.

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