Shepherd’s Spring
Summer 2000 Curriculum Supplement
Theme: "God’s People, Many Gifts"

Daily Scriptures suggested by curriculum
(all age levels)

Daily Themes and Objectives
(Junior level)

        The following was developed for use at Shepherd's Spring Outdoor Ministry Center. This drama series was intended for use as a "prelude" to the evening all-camp sessions (vespers/campfire, whatever), though a variety of settings are possible - i.e. these dramas don't have to take place as an intro to vespers, or even happen in the evening (though they were written as such), but could function, with some adaptation, as "guerilla theater" at just about any time in the day. Likewise, they were written with grades 3-5 in mind, believing that older/younger age leaders could adapt to fit their groups.

p.s. I’m work with a model of the "camp day" following Jewish practice, where it begins at sunset rather than sunrise. The "Opening Day/Day One" begins when the campers arrive on Sunday (3-5pm) and end at Monday sunset. Thereafter, each day begins and ends at sunset. In this model, vespers and then morning watch provide 2 opportunities to set the stage for the theme of the day, even as they provide devotional experience.

        The vespers series involves a continuous group of three players pretending to be campers working their way through the week, processing together the theme, their experiences, as well as what happens in the morning watch.
        The first drama begins the first all-camp session on the first night, prefaced by a reading of the theme scripture. It blends into the "actual" first session, within which the "worship" portion might include simple talk of a "gift" (in this case, the gift of community, with allusion to other gifts). It is suggested that there be a big box wrapped and hanging (out of reach) wherever the drama takes place.  See the end of the Day 6 drama for ideas on what the box should contain.

The Gift - evening dramas

The Gift -Beyond a Nametag
[Day 1]

The Gift - Holy Joy
[Day 2]

The Gift - Full of Joy (or something!)
[Day 3]

The Gift - Shared Surprise
[Day 4]

The Gift - Seeing & Encouraging
[Day 5]

The Gift - It's Time
[Day 6]

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