As I have time, I enjoy writing dramas for use in Christian worship, youth, and camp settings. Many have come into existence as morning watches or vespers services at Shepherd's Spring, an outdoor ministry center with which I have been affiliated. I  find that they can double as worship dramas, with slight changes here and there. Others were written for Sunday morning worship. Feel free to take and use in whatever setting works. Small amendments to fit your setting are okay, just try to remain faithful to what I have written. Do, also, remember to mention who wrote it, sending me a note to let me know how it went. Though I've written more than what is below, these are all I have online as yet.

2016 meets 1880 Written for the closing campfire of the 25th anniversary year of Shepherd's Spring Outdoor Ministry Center. Three people meet, one of whom comes form the 19th century. The stories of the Dunker Church at Antietam battlefield and Shepherd's Spring OMC interact.
"Bart's Story" Blind Bartimaeus tells his story. A monologue based upon Mark 10:46-52.
"Breakfast with the Easter Bunny" 4 characters. Opening skit for an Easter sunrise service by youth.
 "Calling Zacchaeus" A monologue - one end of a phone conversation between a telemarketer and a prospective customer, based upon Luke 18:1-10
"Dealing with Temptation" Imagine the scene in the garden (Genesis 3) as if it were an event in the first Winter Olympics. This 2-person - commentators "Scott" and "Tom" - drama is part of a sermon.
"Don't Rock the Boat" (a drama) 3 characters - the sons of Noah. 2 scenes: before the flood, and then many weeks later. Location: in a hallway on the Ark during construction, and then during daily clean-up. Humorous, yet aimed at vocation - living out a son's calling and not just the father's.
"In a 'Delightful' Garden" 5 characters. In this drama based on Genesis 2, the narrators are the same as in "Moses and the Burning Bush"
 "In God's House" A three act worship comedy based upon Luke 2:41-52 and Colossians 3:12-17, involving three characters in a car.
"In the Same Boat" Two youth hear a voice when they are marooned in the same boat. (written for a youth retreat)
"Letters from Home" A series of letters between a separated husband & wife and his parents, leading up to a Christmas visit. Can be read by different characters, or by the same person.
"Marvin and Malcolm" In this comedic narrative, two strangers meet (in pantomime) building a Habitat for Humanity house and become friends. Written for an upper elementary age audience, this drama aims - in a humorous vein - to shake up the usual way of thinking about serving others. After all, in this skit, who is helping who?
"Moses and the Burning Bush"  4 characters. The 2 narrators carry the weight in this somewhat humorous look at Exodus 3. Part of a trilogy. All can stand alone, though, if amendments to the text are made.
"Mr. Funnytalk's Story" This is a Christmas tale about an Alzheimer's patient in a nursing home. It is online in three formats: short story (monologue), a two-person dramatic reading, and a seven-person drama.
"My Lord..." A monologue based upon John 20:19-31. Thomas tells his story.
"One foot in heaven" A 2-person (with narrator at beginning) play involving a teenager and her grandfather at Christmastime.
"Samuel, Samuel" 5 characters. The third of three comedic dramas (with "Moses and the Burning Bush" and "In a 'Delightful' Garden"), using the same narrators. Based on 1 Samuel 3.
Summer 2000 Camp Drama series Six dramas created as prelude to evening devotional time at a week of camp, involving 3 actors portraying campers. Written to fit curriculum.
"The Big Bully and the Itty-Bitty Rock" A monologue - the story of 1 Samuel 17 as told by David
"When the storm swamps the boat" A dialog around the reading of Mark 4:35‑41.
"Whole Wheat, Greenbacks, and Real Life" Based on an actual event, a commuter finds himself in the middle of an incident on the highway. The telling of this story involves a narrator and a main character pantomiming the narrative, with the option of a few lines. Up to four other actors can be included. Connects to John 6.



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