Worship Order for Sunday

Long Green Valley Church of the Brethren
Long Green & Kanes Rds., near Glen Arm, Md.
November 23, 2003
Worship 10:00 am Sunday School for all ages 11:15 am

Thanksgiving Sunday

      "ĎI am the Alpha and the Omega,í" says the Lord God, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty."         (Revelation 1:8)

  Morning Praise (9:45 am)

  Responsive Call to Worship                                                                      670

*Hymn                             "Now thank we all our God"                                  86

*Opening Prayer

  Scripture                                       Psalm 93

  For Children                        "A King forever"

  Hymn                               (vs. 1-2) "Jesus shall reign"                                  319
                                              (Pre-schoolers leave for playful worship)

  Sharing a joy, a concern, a word of testimony or praise

  Prayer Song                              "Give Thanks"                                      (insert)

  Pastoral Prayer

  Anthem                                "Thanksgiving Canon"                            arr. Page

  Returning our Tithes and Offerings


*Response                         (vs. 1) "God, whose giving"                                 383


  Scripture                                Revelation 1:4b-8

  Message                            "Alpha and Omega"

*Hymn                              "Rejoice, the Lord is King!"                                288


#'s are from Hymnal: A Worship Book

Worship leaders - see basic guidelines

Call to Worship

 Leader: Our God,
                 we gather to worship you, the One who creates all things.
People: For the gift of creation, we give thanks.
 Leader: We gather to worship you,
                 the One who brings salvation through Jesus Christ.
People: For the gift of redemption, we give thanks.
 Leader: We gather to worship you,
                 the One who sustains us by the Spirit.
People:  For the gift of your presence, we give thanks.
 Leader: We bring to you our offerings of thanks and praise
                 for all your gifts.
    ALL:  We worship you - Our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer. AMEN

Hymnal #670, © 1988 Ruth A. Yoder
26175 Woodridge Dr., Elkhart, IN 46517

Opening Prayer

         O Lord, the Provider of all good and perfect gifts, deliver us now from the thoughts of ingratitude and selfishness so that we may truly worship you as our Creator and Sustainer. Amen.

by James Weekly
from Wings of the Spirit, p.132
©1977, CSS Publishing Co.

For Children
"A King forever"

The Word:
         The Lord is king.
         He is clothed with majesty and strength.
         The earth is set firmly in place and cannot be moved.
         Your throne, 0 Lord, has been firm from the beginning,
                  and you existed before time began.
                                                               Psalm 93:1-2

The World:
         Five identical empty cans (soft drink or food cans) on a board. Glue or nail one of the cans to the board.

         See these five cans? (Show them.) You may look at them but not touch them. One is different than the others. Can you see the difference? They are all the same size. They are all empty. They are all the same color and have the same words on them. The difference is not some little mark or dent. It is a big difference.

         You can see the difference when I show you. (Turn the board over so four of the cans fall.) Now you see the difference. One can is fastened to the board. The other four were sitting on the board. They all looked the same when I held the board still. But when I turned it over, you could see the difference.

         Remember those cans and listen to part of Psalm 93 (see above).

         The psalm says the Lord is a king. He dresses like a king and he sits on a throne like a king. But there are many other kings. The other kings also dress like kings and sit on thrones. But there is a big difference between the Lord and the other kings. The difference is not in what they wear or the thrones they sit on. The difference is that the Lord has a throne that has been firm from the beginning. The other kings come and the other kings go. But the Lord is our king forever. He existed before time began. He will exist after time ends. He is like the can that is fastened to the board. That can did not fall off when the board was tipped over. God does not fall away from us when we have problems. He is our king forever.

         We do not have other kings today. But we do have other things that are important to us. (Put the other cans back on the board.) Think of these cans as the things that are important to you. This is your family. This is your health. This is food and clothing. This can be fun and games. Or you can think of other things that are important.

         But this can (point to the one glued to the board) is Jesus. He has been your Savior long before any of the other things existed. Long ago he died for you and then came back to life. He is important to you now. All the other things are also important now. But they will change. They will drop away. (Turn the board over again.) Jesus is the king who will last forever.

by Eldon Weisheit, The Psalms for Children, pp. 126-27.

Pastoral Prayer


written closer to the time (if not at the moment)


Returning our Tithes and Offerings

         We are not as connected to the land as were our ancestors. Their ability to make it through a long, cold Winter depended upon the harvest. We just drive to the nearest supermarket. There is much we simply take for granted. What does that do to our ability to live thanksgiving, and not just mouth the words? As you return your offering this day, pay attention to the many ways in which you are truly blessed. And be thankful to the One from whom all blessings flow.

Ushers, itís your turn to serve.


         We cannot out-give you, Lord. Forgive us for taking so much for granted. Help us to live our gratitude - not just this very moment, but in moments and days which lie ahead, after we have left this place. May our thanksgiving to you overflow onto those around us. This we pray in the name of the One who is your greatest gift - Jesus our Christ. Amen.




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