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Sunday Orders of Worship

Read about our Hearing Induction Loop, a simple and inexpensive means of helping those with a hearing disability (and a hearing aid equipped with a telephone switch) to better participate in worship.

Some Guidelines for Worship leaders

Opening Prayers
Advent Worship Resources
Prayers for Special Occasions

Offering Resources
Scriptural Offertory Sentences

From the Bible

From Various Sources

Pastor Pete's Sermon Pages
(see the indexes linked to weekly lectionary resources)
Children's Time (an index)

Special Services:
Love Feast
Infant Dedication

Deacon Dedication

Prayer Chain Dedication
All Saints Day - 2002, 2004
Church Sign Dedication
Advent and Christmas Resources
Christmas Eve Service (2004 to present)
Easter Sunrise service - 2014, 2013, 2012, 2009, 2008

Bible Translations online

"How I prepare for worship leading"
by Jody Gunn

online pronunciation of Bible words

Looking ahead...
Pastor Pete's Sermon "Menu"

on discerning spiritual gifts,
as well as personality

Wedding Notebook

            Pastor Pete does not always follow the lectionary (what is the Revised Common Lectionary?), but when he does, a helpful and brief commentary on each of  the texts for the week can be found at Comments.  For more extensive links to the lectionary texts, see The Text This Week. Finally, check out Sermons and Sermon, a growing collection of links to various sermon pages etc., of which Pastor Pete's is one.


Helpful Resources on the Meaning of Worship


some of the below links are old and need to be revised

A Manual for Worship Leaders
by Mark Tittley
(a valuable discussion
by a South African Baptist)

Leading vs. Performing
by Sally Morgenthaler
(clarifies the difference
between the two)

Experiencing Worship
"A resource for the worshiper and worship leader"

Articles on Worship

More Worship Articles
(Leadership magazine)

Some helpful articles by Ron Man
see his discussion of
"Blended Worship,"
 an approach I follow somewhat.

Bibliography on Worship

Annotated Bibliography on Worship



Music Resources Online

see our own hymnlist for links to music from our hymnal etc.

The Cyber Hymnal
see the words and hear the music to over 2,500 hymns and gospel songs. Includes brief biographies of many of the writers/composers.

a site similar to the Cyber Hymnal,
based on
the United Methodist Hymnal

Oremus Hymnal
a comprehensive hymn lyric/music site based upon hymnals in the Anglican tradition.

Lutheran Hymnal.com
a comprehensive hymn lyric/music site based upon hymnals in the Lutheran tradition.

Digital Hymnal
A 7th Day Adventist Site, with lyrics and link to music (midi files).

The Bread Site
find the words, with a link to hear the music (midi),  to a multitude of traditional hymns.

The Ames Hymn Collection
a quality personal site with words and music to numerous hymns.


Classical Midi Organ Stop
If you like pipe organ, here are quality music (midi files), no lyrics.

The Sacred Harp
Music (midi files) from this old collection, indexed by tune name. 

Selecting hymns & songs

based on the lectionary: based on scripture reference:

- Sermon and Sermon
(links to various sites)

- Blue Letter Bible
(select text and, when verse appears, click if one of these symbols or is next to it.)


More Contemporary Christian Music

Higher Praise
Lyrics/Chords and midi files
(webpage is slow to load)


Music of the Spirit
words and chords to thousands of gospel songs
(see also this Gospel Music link)

Heavenly Midis
a personal site of popular gospel tunes, some of which include the words.

"Praise & Worship Song Center"  praise songs by Tom Lascoe, with words, sheet music, and midi, free to use

some other music (midi) sites:
Arlene's Heavenly Midis
Index of Praise
(lyrics & chords only)
Mission Praise Midi

music old and new

some more music (midi) sites:
music to enjoy
About.com music links
others to add?

New Zealand Digital Music Library
Looking for a song, but all you can remember is the tune? Search here. Huge collection of midis.

an internet search engine just for Midi files

Other midi search engines

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