Wedding Notebook
a resource of the Long Green Valley Church of the Brethren

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            So, youíve made it this far -- actually planning your wedding yourself. Perhaps youíve been thinking about this for many years, maybe you havenít even given it a thought. The time has come to talk together about this.

            Plenty of books abound which tell you all the ins and outs of weddings. These you can buy or borrow for help in arranging details. I would like to caution you not to be blown over by all the wedding arrangements. Your wedding is first and foremost not a production, but a celebration. Focus upon what is most important: your commitment to each other in the presence of God and a group of people - people who care enough, about you and God, to stand with you in this upcoming high moment, as well as in the high and low moments that will come in your future.

            Donít lose sight of what you are doing as you handle all the details. A beautiful wedding gown, attendantís outfits, handsome tuxedos, rings, flowers, pictures, videos, guest lists, gifts, rehearsal dinners, receptions, honeymoons, etc. donít make your special day ďa day to remember.Ē As important as all these may be, it is your commitment that should provide a remembrance worthy of the ups and downs of married life.

            Okay, the time has come to talk together about what you do when you say ďI do.Ē Iíd encourage you to work as a team in planning your wedding, even if one of you takes the lead. Talk about it! Work together! How you plan your wedding will be, in small part, an indication of how you will work together in your marriage.

            To help you plan - we have created this notebook. Itís full of all sorts of suggestions, traditional and untraditional. Please see it as a resource, not a law book. Itís here for you, to use as much - or as little - as you see fit. God bless you as you work together.

May this, indeed, be a special time
in your life together.
In Jesus Christ,
Pastor Pete



  1. Pastor's Letter
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Guideline and Procedures
  4. The Order of Worship  
    5. Scripture Suggestions  

    6. Call to Worship
    7. Invocation
    8. Charge to Bride & Groom
    9. The Pledge/Betrothal
  10. Participation of Parents
  11. Participation of the Congregation
  12. The Wedding Vows
  13. Exchange of Rings
  14. Wedding Prayer
  15. Unity Candle
  16. Pronouncement
  17. Benediction
  18. Musical Suggestions

Local information on getting your wedding license:
                The Baltimore Wedding Guide
                Baltimore County Circuit Court
                Harford County Circuit Court

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