Christian, let your burning light

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Christian, let your burning light shine on all with luster bright.
Let your words and deeds be pure. All for Christ you must endure.  

            Christian, let your light shine all along your way.  
            You may guide a wanderer to eternal day.  
            You may save from endless night
            if you let your lamp burn bright.  

As you journey here below, shed a ray wherever you go.  
Find in this your pure delight, let your light shine clear and bright.  (refrain)

That your light may guide you through, brightly let it shine anew.  
Keep up courage - never fail till you're safe within the vail.

#402 in Hymnal: A Worship Book

Words & Tune:  E.G. Coleman, 1898, Gospel Songs and Hymns, No. 1, 1899

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