Each morning brings us

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Each morning brings us fresh outpoured
the loving kindness of the Lord.
It ends not as the day goes past,
but gives us strength while life shall last.

O God, thou Star of dawning day,
give us that light for which we pray.  
Make thou thy flame in us to glow,
that we no lack of grace may know;

to walk as by the light of day,
that we may ever, come what may,
in our faith strong, unwavering be,
abiding steadfast one with thee.

#645 in Hymnal: A Worship Book

Words:  Johannes Zwick , All Morgen ist ganz frisch und neu, ca. 1536;
                 Nüw Gesangbüchle, 3rd ed., 1545;
                            tr. Margaret Barclay, Cantate Domino, 1951
   Tune:  Wittenbergisch Gesangbüchli, 1537; adapt. by Johann Walther

            One of the outstanding hymn-text writers associated with the Swiss Reformation, Johannes Zwick studied at European universities in Basel, Freiburg, Paris, and Padua for a career in law. By 1518, however, Zwick had turned to the priesthood; in 1522 he became a parish priest at Riedlungen. After encountering difficulty because of his Lutheran leanings, he went back to Constanz as a town preacher in 1527. In 1542 Zwick was called to the pastorate in Bischofszell where he died only a few months later, a victim of the plague.

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