Far, far away from my loving father

As found in Hymnal: A Worship Book, #139

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1. Far, far away from my loving father,
     I had been wan-d'ring, wayward, wild,
     fearing only lest his anger
     overtake his sinful child.

2. Fain had I fed on the husks around me,
     till to myself I came, and said,
    "Plenty have my father's servants,
     perish I for want of bread.

3. I will arise, though faint and weary,
     home to my father I will go.
     Woe to me that e'er I wandered,
     ah, that I such need should know.

4. "Father," I'll say, "I have sinned before thee,
     no more may I be called thy son.
     Make me only as thy servant,
     pity me, a wretch undone!"

5. Then I arose and came to my father.
     Mercy amazing! Love unknown!
     He beheld me, ran, embraced me,
     pardoned, welcomed, called me "son!"

soloist sings verses
congregation sings refrain between each

       I will arise and go to Jesus,
       He will embrace me in His arms;
       In the arms of my dear Savior,
       O there are ten thousand charms.




Text - anonymous, Gospel Songs, 1874
Music - American folk melody, Southern Harmony; 1835, alt.

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