I bind my heart this tide

I bind my heart this tide
to the Galilean's side,
to the wounds of Calvary,
to the Christ who died for me.

I bind my soul this day
to the neighbor far away,
and the stranger near at hand,
in this town, and in this land.

I bind my heart in thrall
to the God, the Lord of all,
to the God, the poor one's friend,
and the Christ whom he did send.

I bind myself to peace,
to make strife and envy cease.  
God, knit thou sure the cord
of my thralldom to my Lord!  Amen

#411 in Hymnal: A Worship Book

Words:  Lauchlan M. Watt, The Tryst, A Book of the Soul, 1907, alt.
   Tune:  J. Randall Zercher, 1965, Mennonite Hymnal, 1969
                    Music copyright 1965 J. Randall Zercher

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