If Christ is mine

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If Christ is mine, then all is mine,
and more than angels know;
both present things and things to come,
and grace and glory too.

If Christ is mine, let friends forsake,
and earthly comforts flee.
He, the great giver of all good,
is more than all to me.

If Christ is mine, unharmed I pass
through death's tremendous vale.
He'll be my comfort and my stay
when heart and flesh shall fail.

O Christ, assure me thou art mine;
I nothing want beside.
My soul shall at the fountain live
when all the streams are dried.

#331 in Hymnal: A Worship Book

Words:  Benjamin Beddome, 1776, Hymns, 1817
   Tune:  Nicolas Herman, Ein Christlicher Abentreien, 1554

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