In the quiet consecration

In the quiet consecration
of this glad communion hour,
here we rest in you, Lord Jesus,
taste your love and touch your power.

Here we learn through sacred symbol
all your grace can be and do
by this wonderful indwelling -
you in us, and we in you.

Christ, the living bread of heaven,
Christ, whose blood is drink indeed,
here by faith and with thanksgiving
in our hearts on you we feed.

By your death for sin atoning,
by your resurrection-life,
hold us fast in joyful union,
strengthen us to face the strife;

while afar in solemn radiance
shines the feast that is to come -
after conflict, heaven's glory,
your great feast of love and home.

#461 in Hymnal: A Worship Book

Words:  Constance Coote, 1910, At His Table, 1913
   Tune:  Russian Folk melody
                    Harmonization copyright 1992 Esther Wiebe

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