Lo, a gleam from yonder heaven

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Lo, a gleam from yonder heaven 
breaks upon our starless night. 
Like a kindly hand it beckons, 
"Walk in me; I am the Light." 

                                Jesus, Light serene, eternal! 
                                Glorious sun of righteousness! 
                                Morning Star of all the ages, 
                                with thy beams our spirits bless. 

When we're tossed on troubled waters, 
on temptation's ocean wide, 
like a silver flood descending, 
he our souls will safely guide. 


Out of sin, and out of weakness, 
this fair light still beckons on, 
through the valley of all shadows, 
to his own resplendent dawn.


#591 in Hymnal: A Worship Book

Words:  Adaline H. Beery, 1896, Brethren Hymnal, 1901
   Tune:  William Beery, 1896, Brethren Hymnal, 1901

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