Lord, should rising whirlwinds
Part 2 of Barbauld poem

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Lord, should rising whirlwinds
tear from its stem the ripening ear, 
should the fig-tree's blasted shoot 
drop her green untimely fruit; 

should the vine put forth no more, 
nor the olive yield her store, 
though the sickening flocks should fall, 
and the herds desert the stall; 

should thine altered hand restrain 
the early and the latter rain, 
blast each opening bud of joy, 
and the rising year destroy; 

yet to thee my soul should raise 
grateful vows and solemn praise, 
and, when every blessing's flown, 
love thee for thyself alone!

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#92 in Hymnal: A Worship Book

Words:  Anna L. Barbauld, Hymns for Public Worship, 1772
   Tune:  Pierre de Corbeil; harmonized by Richard Redhead, Church Hymn Tunes, 1853

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