Lord, thou dost love

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Lord, thou dost love the cheerful giver, who with open heart and hand
blesses freely, as a river that refreshes all the land.
Grant us, then, the grace of giving with a spirit large and free,
that our life and all our living we may consecrate to thee.

We are thine, thy mercy sought us, found us, in death’s dreadful way,
to the fold in safety brought us, nevermore from thee to stray.
Thine own life thou freely gavest as an off’ring on the cross
for each sinner whom Thou savest from eternal shame and loss.

Bless'd by thee with gifts and graces, may we heed thy church’s call,
gladly in all times and places give to thee who givest all.
Thou hast bought us, and no longer can we claim to be our own.
Ever free and ever stronger, we shall serve thee, Lord, alone.

Savior, thou hast freely given all the blessings we enjoy:
earthly store and bread of heaven, love and peace without alloy.
Humbly now we bow before thee, and our all to thee resign,
for the kingdom, pow’r and glory, are, O Lord, forever Thine.

#387 in Hymnal: A Worship Book

Words: Robert Murray, 1898.
Tune: Pleading Savior, American folk hymn, Christian Lyre, 1830

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