My Lord, I do not ask to stand

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My Lord, I do not ask to stand
As king or prince of high degree.
I only pray that, hand in hand,
A child and I may come to thee.

To teach a tender voice to pray,
Two eager eyes Thy face to see,
Two feet to guide in Thy straight way -
This fervently I ask of Thee.

O grant Thy patience to impart
Thy holy law, Thy words of truth.
Give, Lord, Thy grace, that my whole heart
May overflow with love of youth.

As step by step we tread the way,
Trusting, and confident, and free,
A child and I shall, day by day,
Find sweet companionship with Thee.

#543 in 1951 Brethren Hymnal

Words:  Norman E. Richardson, Florence I. Judson-Bradley
   Tune:  "Beloit" - Carl G. Reissiger (1798-1859)

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