O Power of love

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O Power of love, all else transcending,
in Jesus present evermore,
I worship thee, in homage bending,
thy name to honor and adore.  
Yea, let my soul, in deep devotion,
bathe in love's mighty boundless ocean.

Thou art my rest; no earthly treasure
can satisfy my yearning heart,
and naught can give to me the pleasure
I find in thee, my chosen part.  
Thy love, so tender, so possessing,
is joy to me, and every blessing.

To thee my heart and life be given;
thou art in truth my highest good.  
For me thy sacred side was riven,
for me was shed thy precious blood.  
O thou who art the world's salvation,
be thine my love and adoration.

#593 in Hymnal: A Worship Book

Words:  Gerhard Tersteegen, Ich bete an die Macht der Liebe, 1757,
                    revised in Sammlung, 1825; 
                    tr. Herman Brückner, Wartburg Hymnal 
                                                    for Church, School, and Home
, 1918, alt.
   Tune:  Dimitri S. Bortniansky, Choralbuch, 1825

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