On the radiant threshold

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On the radiant threshold of this dawning day,
in the sacred stillness, we will pause and pray.

                In the morning, noon, and evening,
                we would seek thy side.  
                O do thou, dear Lord, befriend us,
                O be thou our guide.

Lo! the Savior bids us come to seek his aid,
offers help and guidance till the evening's shade..............(Refrain)

Keep us from temptation, bless in every need.  
Lead us, gentle Shepherd, where thy flocks do feed.........(Refrain)

#649 in Hymnal: A Worship Book

Words:  Albert C. Wiend, Gospel Songs and Hymns, No. 1, 1898, alt.
   Tune:  George B. Holsinger, Gospel Songs and Hymns, No. 1, 1898

            A. C. Wieand was a founder of Bethany Bible School (now Bethany Theological Seminary, Richmond, Indiana) and served as its president. Author of various publications, he is believed to have written this text in the late 1890s, perhaps for Holsinger's collection. In stanza 2:1, "the Savior" replaces Wieand's original "the Father" in order to keep the text consistently focused on Christ.
            Titled "Morning Hymn," the tune was in the key of B-flat and differs slightly from the setting as it appears here and in The Brethren Hymnal (1951). Holsinger composed a number of hymn settings; this particular tune has remained one of his most popular.

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