The dawn of God’s dear Sabbath 

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The dawn of God’s dear Sabbath breaks o’er the earth again,
As some sweet summer morning in sunshine after rain;
It comes as cooling showers to dry and thirsty land,
As shade of clustered palm trees ‘mid weary wastes of sand.

Lord, we would bring for off’ring, though marred with earthly soil,
Our week of earnest labor, of useful daily toil;
Fair fruits of self denial, of strong, deep love to Thee,
Fostered by Thine own Spirit in our humility.

And we would bring our burden of sinful deed and thought,
Our heart’s most earnest sorrow for all Thy work unwrought;

In Thy dear presence seeking, the pardon Thou wilt give,
And so the peace abiding in which Thy children live.

O Lord, forgive and strengthen: may we forevermore
Upon thy peaceful Sabbath Thy blessed name adore;
Until in joy and gladness we reach that home at last,
Where life’s short week of sorrow and sin and strife is past.




From The Brethren Hymnal, ©1951, Brethren Publishing House
Text by Ada Cross, Tune (Aurelia) by Samuel Wesley.  public domain


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