Thou art the way

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Thou art the way -
to thee alone from sin and death we flee,
and they who would the Father seek,
must seek him, Lord, by thee.

Thou art the truth -
thy word alone true wisdom can impart.  
Thou only canst inform the mind
and purify the heart.

Thou art the life -
the rending tomb proclaims thy conquering arm,
and those who put their trust in thee
nor death nor hell can harm.

Thou art the way, the truth, the life -
grant us that way to know,
that truth to keep, that life to win,
whose joys eternal flow.

#339 in Hymnal: A Worship Book

Words:  George W. Doane, Songs by the Way, Chiefly Devotional, 1824, alt.
   Tune:  Thomas Haweis, Carmina Christo, ca. 1792

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