Where Winds the Road

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Where winds the road o'er hill and dale,
Where field and forest mark the land,
In all that Thou dost man entail.
We see the imprint of Thy hand.

On furrow long, in village street,
By singing brook, or cottage door,
In friendly word where neighbors meet,
We come to feel Thee more and more.

In winter's snow, in summer's sun,
The joy of spring, the hush of fall,
In all the course the seasons run,
We praise Thee as the Lord of all.

Thou Christ, who lovest field and wood,
E'er sought new strength in quiet glen,
Help us to stand where Thou hast stood;
Come now and walk the fields again.

Till men in all Thy countryside
Shall cease from wanton greed and strife,
Shall learn in Thy way to abide,
The joy of more abundant life.

#382 The Brethren Hymnal, 1952

Words:  Howard E. Mather, b. 1896
   Tune:  from William Gardiner's Sacred Melodies, 1815

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