Worship Order for Sunday

Long Green Valley Church of the Brethren
Long Green & Kanes Rds., near Glen Arm, Md.
November 2, 2008
Worship 10:00 am, Sunday School 11:10 am

      I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit… (John 15:5)

  Morning Praise (9:45 am)

*Call to Worship/Opening Prayer                                           (back of bulletin)

*Hymn                          "I sing the mighty power of God"                             46

*Affirming our Faith                                                                                   713

  Scripture                                    Micah 4:1-4

  Song                                     "Vine and Fig Tree"         Israeli folk song

  Video                                        "Get Service"

  Scripture                                 Galatians 5:13-26

  Returning our Tithes and Offerings

  Offertory                (Please sign the attendance pad and pass it on)

  Hymn                           "For we are strangers no more"                             322

  Sharing a joy, a concern, a word of testimony or praise
                                 (please be brief, and aware of God’s listening presence)

  Pastoral Prayer

  Scripture                                    John 15:1-11

  Message        "Connect, Commit, Grow, and Bear Fruit"

*Hymn                              "Thou true Vine, that heals"                                373

*Closing Prayer (in unison)                                                                         752


#'s are from Hymnal: A Worship Book

Worship leaders - see basic guidelines

Call to Worship/Opening Prayer

One:  O God, you are almighty.
         We worship your majesty.

All:   Hear us, O Lord.

One:  You transcend time and space;
         You bring new life every day.

All:  Refresh us, O Lord.

One:  Our hearts are prone to wander
         and our sins are revealed
         in your holy presence.

All:  Forgive us, O Lord.

One:  Direct our minds toward you,
         and bring wisdom for this hour.

All:  Teach us, O Lord.

One:  O God, come into this place and move among us.
         May your Spirit bring a fresh understanding of
         your glory that we may gain a wise heart.

by Tom Zuercher, pastor
Dickey Church of the Brethren Ashland, Ohio
Church of the Brethren Living Word Bulletin
Anchor/Wallace, Sleepy Eye MN 56085, "The Living Word Series"

Affirming our Faith

            The word “creed” simply means, “I believe.” The words we just sang constituted a statement of faith, a “this I believe.” Were you listening? Every growing plant or flower glorifies God. That’s what we sang. Do you believe that? God is the power behind what really happens in this world? Do you believe that? All life comes from and is cared for by God. Do you believe that? Finally, wherever we go, even when we try to run away, God is there. Do you believe that?

            A real creed is not a test, something that defines who passes and who fails, who wins and who loses. That kind of “creed” is what Brethren do not believe in. That’s what we mean when we say we have “no creed but the New Testament.” Rather, a real creed is something to be lived. At the heart of this New Testament we claim as our creed is someone to be utterly trusted and followed. With that in mind, please join in affirming our faith using a written creed shared by our Mennonite brothers and sisters. It’s found in the back of your hymnal, #713.
We believe in Jesus Christ,
    who was promised to the people of Israel,
    who came in the flesh to dwell among us,
    who announced the coming of the rule of God,
    who gathered disciples and taught them,
    who died on the cross to free us from sin,
    who rose from the dead to give us life and hope,
    who reigns in heaven at the right hand of God,
    who comes to judge and bring justice to victory.

We believe in God,
    who raised Jesus from the dead,
    who created and sustains the universe,
    who acts to deliver God's people in times of need,
    who desires everyone everywhere to be saved,
    who rules over the destinies of people and nations,
    who continues to love us even when we turn away.

We believe in the Holy Spirit,
    who is the form of God present in the church,
    who moves us to faith and obedience,
    who is the guarantee of our deliverance,
    who leads us to find God's will in the word,
    who assists those who are renewed in prayer,
    who guides us in discernment,
    who impels us to act together.

We believe God has made us a people,
    to invite others to follow Christ,
    to encourage one another to deeper commitment,
    to proclaim forgiveness of sins and hope,
    to reconcile people to God through word and deed,
    to bear witness to the power of love over hate,
    to proclaim Jesus the Ruler of all,
    to meet the daily tasks of life with purpose,
    to suffer joyfully for the cause of right,
          to the ends of the earth,
          to the end of the age,
          to the praise of Christ's glory.

Hymnal #713
adapted from The Mennonite Hymnal,
© 1969 Faith & Life Press/Mennonite Publishing House.

Returning our Tithes and Offerings

Would you join me in prayer?

            Lord, we get it… For the most part, that is. You haven’t handed us magic glasses that enable us to see everyone’s needs, but you have provided your Spirit. To live by, to be led by your very presence in us – may that be our heart’s desire. As we place our offerings in the plate just now, we open our eyes to the world that surrounds us and begin to “get” that there is a purpose behind what you have given to us. Our prayer is that we might live out that purpose, following Jesus. Amen.


Pastoral Prayer


written closer to the time (if not at the moment)


Closing Prayer
(in unison)

Gracious God,
         grant that the words we have heard this day
         may be so grafted within our hearts
         that they bring forth fruit
         to the honor and praise of your name,
         through Jesus Christ, our Lord. AMEN.

Hymnal, #752
adapted from "Order of Worship," Worship the Lord.
©1987, Reformed Church in America & Eerdmans Pub. Co.

(para traducir a español, presione la bandera de España)


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While one of our adult classes follows the International lesson above (see also), using
A Guide for Biblical Studies,
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For children and youth, we use the new
Gather Round curriculum
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©2008 Peter L. Haynes
(unless otherwise stated, worship resources were written by him)


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