Worship Order for Sunday

Long Green Valley Church of the Brethren
Long Green & Kanes Rds., near Glen Arm, Md.
March 18, 2012
Worship 10:00 am              Sunday School 11:10am

Fourth Sunday of Lent 

      "…immense in mercy and with an incredible love, he embraced us. He took our sin-dead lives and made us alive in Christ…"   (Ephesians 2:4-6, from The Message)

  Beginning with Praise (9:50 am)            "Come, let us all unite to sing"             12
  Prelude                                "Thanks Be To God"                                 Handel

  Call to Worship

*Hymn                                  "To God be the glory"                                    102

*Opening Prayer

  Scripture                                 Psalm 107:17-22

  For Children                              "Lifted up"

  Scripture                                  Numbers 21:4-9

  Sharing a joy, a concern, a word of testimony or praise
                                 (please be brief, and aware of God's listening presence)

  Song                              "Lord, listen to your children"                               353

  Pastoral Prayer

  Scripture                                 Ephesians 2:1-10                     from The Message

  Returning our Tithes and Offerings

  Offertory                  "The King of Love My Shepherd Is"                    Shelley
                                        (Please sign the attendance pad and pass it on)

  Hymn                       "There’s a wideness in God’s mercy"                        145

  Scripture                                   John 3: 14-21

  Message                             "Crisis Counseling" (mp3)

*Hymn                                    "Lift high the cross"                                      321


*Postlude                     "Christ is the World’s True Light"                        Coller

*Rise in body or in spirit

#'s are from Hymnal: A Worship Book

Worship leaders - see basic guidelines

Call to Worship

Give thanks to the LORD,
      for he is good;
            his love endures forever.

Let the redeemed of the LORD
            tell their story -
      those he redeemed from the hand of the foe,
      those he gathered from the lands,
                  from east and west,
                  from north and south.

Psalm 107:1-3 from
Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.™
Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

Opening Prayer

All praise to you, Giver of light
      that swallows up the darkness of fear and
            offers hope.
All praise to you, Essence of love
      that comforts in the midst of uncertainty,
            agony, and pain.
All praise to you, Sender of the Word,
      the great Healer of the weary and lost,
            of the wounded and broken.
All praise to You, the Giver of life
      and life eternal in Jesus Christ,
            the Living Word.
All praise to you,
      who sends forth your word, assurance,
            and strength in the storms of life.
We yearn for your healing touch
      upon our brow. Renew us, restore us
            according to your holy purpose.

-Emily Mumma
Lorida, Florida Church of the Brethren
Church of the Brethren Living Word Bulletin
Anchor/Wallace, Sleepy Eye MN 56085, "The Living Word Series"

For Children
"Lifted up"

With the simple statement, “I need your help,” we (children and pastor) will together set up a cross in the center aisle of the congregation. It belongs there instead of up on a wall far from everybody. Make the moving of it a challenge – “how do you think we should do this?” There is a heavy base that needs to be moved. Do we all stand around it and walk it down? Where do we place it “in the middle”? Be conscious of elderly members with walkers who may find it difficult to maneuver around it after the service, perhaps choosing to place the stand in front of their pew rather than behind it. Everybody helps. Enlist grown-ups if needed. Then the hefty wooden cross which is leaning against the worship center – how should we carry that? Who stands where? Do we put in the stand ‘Iwo Jima’ style? There is a paper wedge to make it snug. If possible, drape a purple cloth over the arms (and “how should we do that?”).

            This is an experiential exercise. We are not exploring what it means. Such involves a lifetime of learning. The important points are that the cross belongs in the middle of God’s people, and that the children are an important part of putting it there. Use a lot of affirmation along the way, and end with a simple prayer thanking God for this cross we just lifted up.

Pastoral Prayer


written closer to the time (if not at the moment)


Returning our Tithes and Offerings

Would you pray with me?

Thank you, Lord, for your gift which keeps on giving. We didn’t start it, nor will we finish it, but still you draw us into the good work of Jesus. What we are about to give is part of our calling by you. When we each said, “yes,” we promised to be faithful with “our time and our talents, our substance and our service.” These offerings are one of the many ways in which we are fulfilling our vows and continuing the work of Jesus – simply, peacefully, and together. May these gifts “shower your grace and kindness upon us (and others) in Christ Jesus.” Amen!




Wherever you go this week,
                   lift high the cross.
      Notice, I didn’t say,
            wear it around your neck on a chain, or
            stick it on the bumper of your car, or
            make a poster and hold it up for all to see, or
            write “John 3:16” somewhere on your body.

While these might be appropriate upon occasion,
                        it perhaps is more fitting
     that the cross be lifted up in your own life,
     that it be there before your own eyes
            as you approach the world around you
                  which God so loved -
                        helping you to be "born from above,"
                              seeing through the eyes of heaven.

The “only begotten Son” was sent for all,
     you and me included,
            not to condemn, but to save.

Thanks be to God!

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Interested in Sunday School?
Below is a growing list of possible sites to visit. As you discover others, please let us know.

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International Lesson:
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While one of our adult classes follows the International lesson above (see also), using
A Guide for Biblical Studies,
published quarterly by our denomination,
another class often uses one of the
Good Ground series.

For children and youth, we use the new
Gather Round curriculum
(developed jointly by the Church of the Brethren and the Mennonite Church)


©2012 Peter L. Haynes
(unless otherwise stated, worship resources were written by him)


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