Fluye  Espiritu  Fluye

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 C                 G                       Am           F
Flu - ye_E - spi - ri - tu     Flu   -    ye,

  C                          G                          Am           F
Haz     lo    que     quie - ras    ha - cer,

                      C             G                         Am                          F
Yo   me_o    fres - co    pa - ra   que   me   us - es   co - mo   quie-ras,

 C                G           C
Flu - ye_E - spi - ri - tu



           C       G               Am           F
        Flow,   Spirit,   flow,

        C             G             Am           F
        Do what you will do,

             C       G                      Am              F
        I   offer   myself to you to use  as you will,

          C        G          C
        Flow,   Spirit,   flow.


Words & Music:  contributed by Puerto Rican Church of the Brethren Youth - NYC 2006 & 2002
                                   public domain

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