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Contemporary Songs
not in our hymnal
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"A Fragile Stone" - Michael Card
"Allelu" - Ray Repp (mp3)
"Alleluia, Alleluia! Give Thanks" - Don Fishel (words, music)
"All God’s Critters got a place in the choir" - Bill Staines (chords)
"As the Deer" - Martin Nystrom (lyrics only)
"Awesome God" (chorus) - Rich Mullins
"Beauty for brokenness (God of the poor)" - Graham Kendrick
             (lyrics, sheet music w/ descant, ram)
"Beloved" (1 John 4:7&8) - Dennis Ryder (lyrics/chords, midi)
"Be not afraid"  (lyrics only)
"Bind us Together" - Bob Gillman
"Blessed be your name" - Beth & Matt Redman
"Bound Together" - Ken Medema
"Breathe" - Marie Barnett    (words/chords, listen to, story behind)
"Breath of Heaven" (Mary's Song) - Chris Eaton & Amy Grant
                (lyrics - midi - mp3 (brief) clip)
"Butterfly Song" - Brian Howard (words, mp3)
"¡Canta, Débora, Canta!" - Luiza Cruz
"Celebration Song" - Merlin Yoder
"City of God" - Dan Schutte  (mp3 clip)
"Come to the Water" - Marsha Stevens (mp3)
"Cornerstone" - Shawn Kirchner
"Dust in the wind"
"Easter Song" - Anne Herring
"El Shaddai"
"Every Morning is Easter Morning" - Avery & Marsh
"Father, I adore you" - Terrye Coelho
"The First Song of Isaiah(chorus) - Jack Noble White
"Flood" - (chords, midi, video, buy mp3) Jars of Clay
"For this we pray" (a response) - Matthew M. Meyers
"For those tears I died" - 
"Give thanks with a grateful heart"  - Henry Smith
"God of Wonders" - Byrd & Hindalong
               (worship flash movie
(with sound!), lyrics with chords)
“God and Man at Table are Sat Down” - Robert Stamps
              (read the lyrics, listen to the music)
"Hands of the Potter" - Randall Goodgame/Caedmon's Call
"The Heart of Worship" - Matt Redman
         (lyrics/chords - midi file - short clip - full length)
"He has made me glad(lyrics/chords) - Leona Von Brethorst
"Here I am to worship"
            (words/chords, audio clips: RA, WMA, mp3-1, mp3-2)
"He is Lord"
"He's my rock, my sword, my shield"
"He who began a good work in you" (midi file or midi file)
"Holiness" -  Scott Underwood
         (lyrics with chords - music clip from "Sonic Flood" - midi file)
"Holy Ground" - Christopher Beatty and Geron Davis
"How Beautiful" - Twila Paris
         (lyrics - music-midi)
"I believe in Jesus" -  Marc Nelson
"If we are the body"
- Casting Crowns (lyrics, clip , chords)
"If you believe and I believe"
"I just wanna be a sheep" - Brian Howard (words, mp3)
"I love you, Lord" - Laurie Klein (lyrics/chords, background story)
"I need you" - Jeff Deyo & Jason Halbert
(words/chords - music clip from "Sonic Flood")
"In His Time" - Diane Ball
"In my life, God, be glorified"   (words, music) - Bob Kirkpatrick
"I've got peace like a river"
"I want to know you" - Andy Park
          (words/chords - music clip from "Sonic Flood" - midi file)
"Jesu, Jesu" - Tom Colvin
"Jonah" - Ewald Bash
"Let there be peace on earth" - Jackson
"Living Stones" - Michael Card
"Lord, I lift your name on high" - Rick Founds
"Lord of the Dance" - Sydney Carter
"Love Canon" (the gospel in a word is love)
"Kum bah yah"
"Kum bah yah" - a different version
"Majesty" - Jack Hayford
"Make a joyful noise"
"Mo’ Betah Lif" (words & chords) - Yohann Anderson
"More Precious than Silver" - Lynn De Shazo (words/chords,midi)
"My Deliverer" - Rich Mullens   (with chords)
"My life is in you, Lord" - Daniel Gardner
"My Tribute" (To God be the glory) - Andrae Crouch
"One person at a time" - Andy Murray
"Open the Eyes of my Heart, Lord" - Paul Baloche (words/chords, midi)
"Our God reigns" - Smith/Fettke
"Pass it on" (lyrics/chords, midi) - Kurt Kaiser
"Peace, my friends" - Ray Repp (mp3)
"Peace, O God" - Joan Fyock
"Place in this World" - Kirkpatrick, Grant, & Smith
"Praise you in the storm"  (mp3)
"Rejoice in the Lord always"
"Rise and shine"
"Sanctuary" - John Thompson & Randy Scruggs
"Seek and ye shall find"
"Shine, Jesus, Shine" -  Graham Kendrick
              (click "sound" in upper right to hear song)
"Shout to the Lord" - Darlene Zschech
"Shout to the North" -  (words/chords, mp3)
"Sing Alleluia" - Byrd/Hindalong
"Sing a New Song" - Dan Schutte (mp3)
"Something About That Name" - W. & G. Gaither
"Speechless" - Steven Curtis Chapman & Geoff Moore
"Step by step" - Rich Mullins
"Sweetly Broken" - Jeremy Riddle
"Take our Bread" - Joe Wise
"That where I am, there you..." Rich Mullins (lyrics, chords, midi)
"The First Song of Isaiah" (chorus only) - Jack Noble White
"The gift of Love" - Hal Hopson
"The Joy of the Lord" - Alliene Vale
"The Steadfast Love of the Lord" - Edith McNeill (just chorus)
"The Wedding Song" - Noel Paul Stookey
"They’ll know we are Christians by our love" - Peter Scholtes
"This little light of mine"
"Thy Loving Kindness" -  lyrics, music- midi - Hugh Mitchell
"Thy Word" - Amy Grant & Michael W. Smith
"Trading my Sorrows" - Darrell Evans
                 (lyrics/chords, midi file, story behind it)
"Turn your eyes upon Jesus" - Helen H. Lemmel
"Untitled Hymn - Come to Jesus" - Chris Rice (lyrics, music/midi)
"Vine and Fig Tree"
"Voice of Truth" - Casting Crowns (lyrics, video , chords
"We are one body" - Dana Scallon
"We are one in the Spirit" - Peter Scholtes
"Weave" (chorus) - Rosemary Crowe
"Welcome to Our World" - Chris Rice - lyrics - audio clip
"We will glorify" - Twila Paris
"Who am I?" - Casting Crowns (lyrics, clip, chords, mp3)
"The Wonderful Cross" - Reeves, Tomlin, Walt, Watts
                  (words/chords, audio clip)

"Wordless Ones" - lyrics - Michael Card
"You are my Hiding Place" - Michael Ledner (chords , piano/flute midi)
"You are my King" - Billy James Foote  (midi, mp3)

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Songs sung at NYC 2006
not in our hymnal


"All I ever have to be" Grant/Chapman (chords, sheet music, clip)
"Bless the Lord" - Jeff Deyo (chords, sheet music, clip)
"Bound together" (at his concert) - Ken Medema
"Come and See" - Seth Hendricks
"Dios, Quiero ser como tú"
"Fluye, Espiritu, Fluye"
"Glory" - Reuben Morgan (chords, clip)  
"Go light your world" - Chris Rice (mp3)
"Grace like Rain" - Todd Agnew et al (mp3)
"Halleluya, we sing your praises" - Anders Nyberg
"Hamba Nathi" - Anders Nyberg
"Hear our Praises" - Rueben Morgan (chords, wma clip, mp3 clip)
"If we are the body" - Mark Hall (chords, clip)
"I got a mind to do right"
"I will" - Justin Fox
"In the Secret" - Andy Park (words/chords - midi file)
"Jireh" - Jonathan Gulley
"It is One" - Jackson Browne
"Let the river flow" - Darrell Evans (chords, listen)
"Let us love" - Seth Hendricks & Michael Good
"Let the Redeemed" - John Barnett (chords, clip)
"Multiply your love" - Andy Park   (chords, clip1, clip2)
N’nung yeh Dah
"No longer blind" - Matt Guynn
"Nothing without you" - Bebo Norman (chords  clip1  clip2)
"Open the Eyes of my Heart, Lord" - Paul Baloche (words/chords, midi)
"Peace Pilgrim’s Prayer", or
          "Peace, be still, and know that I am God"
"Salt and Light" - Jan & John L'Ecuyer (clip1, 02, 03)
"Te alabaré Mi Buen Jesus" (led by Dominican youth)
"Teresa’s Prayer" - Teresa of Avila & Joseph Helfrich
"Trading my Sorrows" - Darrell Evans
                  (lyrics/chords, midi file, story behind it)

"Who am I?" - Mark Hall (lyrics/chords, in diff key, clip1, clip2)

or at NYC 2002

not in our hymnal

And When I Rise
Come All You People
"Fluye, Espiritu, Fluye"
For Such A Time As This
Give Me Jesus
"Guide my feet" (NYC version on Windows Media or RealAudio)
N’nung yeh Dah
"Peace Pilgrim’s Prayer", or
          "Peace, be still, and know that I am God"
“Take, O take me as I am”  (sound clip)
"Teresa’s Prayer" - Teresa of Avila & Joseph Helfrich
"What does the Lord require" - Mike Stern
“You Are My All In All” (words - music) - Dennis Jerrigan

or at NYAC 2008

not in our hymnal

God of the Bible, Shirley Erena Murray   (clip 1, clip 2)



Country Gospel Songs
not in our hymnal

"His eye is on the sparrow" - Charles Gabriel
"Turn your radio on" (music/midi) - Brumley

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Songs by Pete Haynes
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