N'nung yeh dah!

if you do not hear the tune, click here.

N'nung yeh dah, n'nung yeh dah, O - o
N'nung yeh dah m'-ma bi-yeh n'nung yeh dah!

                                    - gnewnguh - yeah - dah
                                    - mmmah - bee - yeah

("m'ma biyeh" literally means "my mother's child")

        I believe, I believe, O - o
        I believe, O my - sister,       I believe.
                                 - brother,

        Yo creo, yo creo, O -o
        Yo creo, mi her-ma-na,           yo creo


Words & Tune:  a Christian song from Ghana, public domain
                                       sung at NYC 2006 & 2002

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