Worship Order for Sunday

Long Green Valley Church of the Brethren
Long Green & Kanes Rds., near Glen Arm, Md.
September 8, 2002
Worship 10:00 am Sunday School for all ages 11:15 am

National Youth Conference Sunday

  Gathering Song                  Come All You People                               Youth

  Call To Worship

  Theme Song                    For Such A Time As This                            Youth

  Scripture                           Esther 4:14, paraphrased


  Song                                       Give Me Jesus

  NYC Memories

  Song                                     And When I Rise

  NYC Memories

  Song                                 “You Are My All In All”
                                                  words - music

  Joys & Concerns

  Pastoral Prayer

  NYC Memories


  Song                                    Fluye, Espiritu, Fluye 


  NYC Memories

  Song                                      N’nung yeh Dah


  Benediction in Song          For Such A Time As This      Congregation & Youth

#'s are from Hymnal: A Worship Book

Worship leaders - see basic guidelines

Call to Worship

All - How shall we come before God?
  1 - With joy and praise.
  2 - With silent reverence.
  3 - Tyler:  With deep hungers and thirsty souls.

All - But what does the Lord require?
  1 - To give voice to the voiceless.
  2 - To show compassion to those who receive no love.
  3 - And to follow the way of God alive in Jesus.

All:  Yes, God calls us to do justice, to love kindness,
              and walk humbly with our God.

written by Jeff Carter and Bonnie Kline Smeltzer
for the Wednesday evening worship at NYC.

Esther 4:12-14

C - The theme for NYC, as you probably know by now, was
D - "For such a time as this."
C - It was a great theme.
D - It really fit the moment ... where we are as youth.
C - While on occasion it may seem we don't pay attention to the clock,
D - like when we have to be somewhere "on time,"
C - or when we are expected to do something "on time,"
D - "Time," itself, is important to young people.
C - Why else are birthdays so anticipated?
D - Age 16 - driver's license.
C - Not until you get your 40 hours behind the wheel, however.
D - Age 18 - the right to vote, to be an "adult,"
C - to face difficult choices, like going to war or not.
D - Age 21 - when you're truly expected to be grown up,
C - though some aren't, even by then.
D - It seems we just can't wait for "time" to pass.
C - Then, again, we don't want our teen years to pass too quickly.
D - "For such a time as this."
C - We want to make a difference in this world.
D - Sometimes, however, the difference we can make
C - is not of our own choosing.
D - We just happen to be in the right place at the right time.
C - Or, on the other hand, we have been placed at this place by God
D - "For such a time as this."
C - That's how it was with Queen Esther in the Old Testament.
D - Her story in the Bible is where the NYC theme came from.
C - She was a Jewish woman who somehow was in the right place
D - at the right time. She was needed by her people,
C - and by God, who - just maybe - had a hand
D - in bringing her to this moment of truth.
C - She had a choice to make.
D - Would she stay silent when trouble knocked on her people's door,
C - or would she speak up, and risk everything?
D - Listen to the decision she had to make,
C - as framed by her Uncle Mordecai.
D - "Don't think that just because you live in the king's house
C - you'll end up being the one Jew who will get out of this alive.
D - If you persist in staying silent at a time like this,
C - help and deliverance will arrive for the Jews from someplace else;
D - but you and your family will be wiped out.
C - Who knows? Maybe you were made queen for such a time as this."
D - (softer) "For such a time as this."
C - (softer) "For such a time as this."
D - (softer) "For such a time as this."

The scripture portion is from "The Message,"
a paraphrase by Eugene Peterson.


         Out of cluttered lives of "too much", we give a gift of necessity.  In our giving, make us aware of those in this world that do not have the basics of life, whose stomachs hunger for filling bread, whose tongues thirst for living water.  We have been given much, not for our own gratification, but rather that we may share with others so that you may be glorified, O God.  Give us the grace to live simply, so that others may simply live.
         Will the ushers please come forward to receive our offering...

written by Jeff Carter and Bonnie Kline Smeltzer
for the Friday evening worship at NYC.


         God of all wisdom and understanding, you have searched us, and know us, even better than we know ourselves. Hidden among our smiles and laughter, there are moments of fear and failing, doubt and despair.  We realized we have placed our hope in the empty promises of material wealth, the appeal of fitting in, and the security of false identities.  We long to place our hope in you, knowing that we have been blessed by your presence for such a time as this.  Fill our hearts with your spirit so that your hope may grow in us.  Amen.

written by Jeff Carter and Bonnie Kline Smeltzer
for the Thursday evening worship at NYC.

Ending Litany

1 -  Because you bought 600 lollipops—I was able to help sort clothes for Salvation Army and help someone else.  Thank you.

2 - Because you got your house cleaned and your yard raked—I heard Ken Medema and was inspired by his story that in spite of being blind he could use his gift to share God's love, so I can too.  Thank you.

3 - Because you paid to come see our play—I learned in a workshop how TV, music, and movies can affect me and my faith.  Thank you.

4 - Because you bought cookie dough, lightbulbs, and cookbooks—I got to experience Tony Campolo's worship service, and learn about faith expeditions from David Radcliffe.  Thank you.

written by the youth


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©2002* Peter L. Haynes
(*only the dialog around the Esther 4:12-14 reading was written by him)


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